Dink of the Year

  • Mare
  • Thoroughbred #T0616079
  • February 18, 2013
  • brown
  • Entourage (TB)
  • Hot Headline
Dink of the Year

An unusual name for an unusual mare.  This mare has track earnings of $18,000 plus.  In doing a little research on her I found an article on how she got her name and apparently when she was a foal the vet and her owner were doing a check up on her and she kicked them and one of them said "What a dink!" and the name stuck.  She was a little on the grouchy side but quickly slid into the broodmare band and is one excellent momma.  We call her Grouchy as her barn name even though she has since lost the attitude with the addition of her 2020 filly sired by Patron at Six.  She is open for 2022 and ready to breed to the stallion of your choice.

Entourage (TB)

T0616114 2004 chestnut

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T0524477 1989 brown

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T0482523 1980 bay

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Hot Headline

T0616113 2006 bay

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T0552888 1990 bay


T032573830 1977 bay


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T0616112 1997 bay

Quiet American

T0522184 1986 bay


T0616111 1989 chestnut


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